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[tor-talk] New report: Unblocking of websites in Ethiopia


OONI and Access Now published a joint report today, verifying the
unblocking of websites in Ethiopia based on network measurement data.

You can read our report here: https://ooni.io/post/ethiopia-unblocking/

We quite rarely see governments unblocking hundreds of websites in one
go, and we even more rarely report on the unblocking of sites.

Given that Ethiopia has experienced quite pervasive levels of internet
censorship over the last decade, the unblocking of sites is a major event.

An official list, however, detailing the 264 sites that are reportedly
unblocked has not been published yet (to our knowledge). We therefore
tested the sites that were previously known to be blocked in Ethiopia
(based on our previous research).

OONI data shows that most of the sites previously found to be blocked in
Ethiopia are now indeed unblocked.

Many thanks to volunteers running OONI Probe in Ethiopia, thus making
this research possible!

And thanks for reading!



Maria Xynou
Research and Partnerships Coordinator
Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI)
PGP Key Fingerprint: 2DC8 AFB6 CA11 B552 1081 FBDE 2131 B3BE 70CA 417E

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