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[tor-talk] ExcludeExitNodes not working consistently?

TBB 8.5 Linux.
In torrc I have: ExcludeExitNodes {xx},{xx},{xx},{xx},{us}  ...[in
actual file, {xx}  are valid codes]

I also have a long list of countries under: ExitNodes {xx},... to choose
from / use.
I doubt it's having a problem creating a circuit with 33 other ExitNodes
to use (but maybe that's wrong).
But {us} is used quite often as ExitNode.

Q1: what type file should torrc be designated?  none, config or...?

Q2: Does there need to be a BLANK line between the default line in torrc:
and the next "ExitNodes" line?

Q3: AFAIK, there doesn't need to be a blank line between ExitNodes
line(s) and ExcludeExitNodes line.
Having a blank line between them doesn't affect {us} being used as an exit.

The only spaces used are between: ExcludeExitNodes and the 1st country:
ExcludeExitNodes {aa},{us}  [i.e., only commas - no spaces - separating
each country code]

I'm pretty sure this worked to exclude the US as exitnode in TBB
versions before 8.5.  Any time I looked, anyway.

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