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Re: [tor-talk] Surge in Users

Can Directory Authorities analyze hostnames of relay users and publish them?

If the hostnames or organization names associated with the users are available, we could know what type of users are increasing, and probably we could guess why. In Iran and Russia, are the increases being made by individuals, companies, and/or governments? I want to know that.

Directory Authorities (DAs) can see IP addresses of relay users and are reporting countries associated with the addresses for torproject. So DAs may be under control of torproject. Can torproject let DAs report hostnames of the users? Should rapid increases of the users be clear for Tor overall? I would like torproject to decide to do that!

But if torproject can let DAs report them, I won't be able to use Tor with security. Even now, can DAs collect our personal information including IP addresses and leak them in theory? :D
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