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Re: What good is tor for webbrowsing, if your ip address is not hidden

> what is up with the mailing list? I have answered to your mail, but I
> can't recieve it, do you? I have posted to or-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx and to
> or-talk@xxxxxxxx, too. Do you anything?

I am not sure about the lists; your mail was not received.

> FYI what I have posted:
> yes, I have followed the well written documents and prooved that it is
> working by watching the logs of privoxy and tor.
> tor log says "Tor has successfully opened a circuit. Looks like it is
> working" and it complains as it should if I execute 'tsocks ssh
> me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'.
> privoxy logs the sites I am browsing to.

First, verify that your privoxy config contains this line:

forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 .

(do not forget the dot!)

(or whatever your Tor SocksPort is if it is not 9050.)

When you have verified this, please visit this page and check what it


Those fields should correspond to a Tor node.


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