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Re: reconsidering default exit policy

Chris Palmer wrote:
Valient Gough writes:

There are two target audiences here -- anonymous users and server
administrators.  The policy choices which are ideal for one group are
probably not ideal for the other.

This is a false dichotomy. Computers and networks exist so their users can do work. System and network administrators exist so users can concentrate on their work and not be distracted by the foibles of the equipment. Thus, the interests of administrators are in fact aligned with those of users.

To demonstrate this principle, set your firewall to block port 80.

Your generalization is false.  Take this case for example -- anonymous
users of Tor are not necessarily the tor operators.

To demonstrate, how about I set my firewall to block Tor ports?  I think
that is a much better demonstration.  I can effectively handle all
complaints by setting up an email alias for /dev/null.

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