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Setting up TOR


I was recently tasked with setting up TOR in our lab environment where i work to see if it would be useful tool for us to be "anonymous" while conducting pen testing. I installed TOR on Win. XP box. I ran TOR. In order to see if TOR was working properly, I connected to the web using a dial up client and then I scanned my co-workers box using nmap from ppp0 interface. While I was scanning his box, he ran tcpdump on his end to see the traffic and he was able to tell that the traffic was coming directly from me.

If I understand TOR correctly, if I'm running TOR, when I connect to the internet, and I send traffic, my traffic should go through a series of onion router, so it would be difficult to determine the source of the traffic. When running the above test, my co-worker did not see any traffic from any ip other than my ppp0 address. Am I do something wrong?

Thanks in advance

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