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Re: (FWD) Dynamic DNS Voodoo Documentation - Draft

> Feedback welcome before I submit to the email 
> address for someone to review/include for others to use.
> Document URL:  http://www.skippingpebbles.com/Dynamic%20DNS%20Voodoo.pdf
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Okay, on the dynamic DNS section, not all routers can update it themselves. I use a program called ddclient. Here are the steps for installing and getting it working. Under windows, there is a different software client, available from the dyndns webpage, that I know nothing about.

1. Install ddclient. Under debian you can type apt-get install ddclient. You will be changing the debian installed configuration later, so just ignore the prompts. Make sure however, that you set it to launch on boot as a daemon.

2. Configure ddclient. Since you are most likely behind a NAT, you don't actually know your IP adress. Therefore, you will set ddclient to get it from the internet. Copy in the following configuration file, to /etc/ddclient substituting your actual login, password and hostname.


3. Check it. You can ping your hostname to see if it works.

Also, in the port forwarding section, on my router you see a two port fields. In the document it claims these are for forwarding ranges of ports, but on my system they are for translating an outside port to an inside port. I use this to allow clients to connect on port 443, while having tor actually listen on 9001.

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