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Announce: ELE-0.0.2 released

What is ELE?
ELE is a bootable Live CD Linux distribution with focus on privacy
related software.
It is based on Damn Small Linux and aims to be (obviously) as small as
possible. The first release was 65M, the current one 61M.

What does it include?
Irssi, Gaim, Dillo, Firefox, SSH, VNCviewer, Xpdf, most of the standard
Linux apps like wget and vi. It uses the Fluxbox window manager. Everything,
except VNCviewer at the moment, passes thrugh Tor. When using Dillo or Firefox
scrubbing is done by Privoxy and the Google search engine has been replaced by

More information is available at

Changelog for 0.0.2 (050323)
- Added NTPdate
- Possible to create and run a Tor server
  (menu -> System -> Daemons -> Torserver)
  Needs testing
- Xvkbd, a virtual keyboard, installed for those hardware
  keylogger moments
- Dillo has replaced Firefox as default browser
  Doesn't support SSL/TLS or CSS but its fast, small and got a very nice privacy policy
  Uses Scroogle instead of Google
  Runs of course through Privoxy and Tor
- Firefox
  Not installed by default, but can be installed though the menu
  (menu -> Apps -> Net -> Firefox)
  Upgraded to Firefox 1.0.1, actually smaller than the previous one
  To bad we need Pango and since that screwed things up the flashplugin was
  enabled just for the sake of it
  Some tweaks done, taken from www.tweakguides.com/Firefox_1.html
- SSH runs through Tor thanks to connect
- VNCviewer runs through SSH, but not Tor
- Cleaned up the menus showed by pressing f{2,3} at boot
- Fixed "modules.conf is newer then modules.dep"
- Removed mount.app
- Removed some orphans
- Remove BitchX. Install Irssi.  Get 4M for free
- Removed man-files and documentation. Waste of space
- Removed NFS from cpanel since its not installed

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