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Re: QoS Solution?

I think we should dynamically decide fairness on a per-circuit basis
based on how many cells it's already tried to push through recently.

This means if you do a quick page fetch on port 80 it works fine,
but if you pull down a dvd on port 80 you start getting less priority;
yet a long-term IM conversation over port 80 is still pretty zippy.

It won't work because many filesharing applications are using small (100-200 KB) chunks. Prioritizing small files would only prioritize filesharing apps such as Gnutella clients or eDonkey2000 in "Horde" mode.
The only fair QoS is equal bandwidth for every client. It works great for example in NAT gateways, but it can't be used in Tor because someone can open 10 Tor instances and get 10 times more bandwidth.