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Re: insert mail

What if he locked it down to connections from and port forwarded to himself with SSH, creating a loopback? That would seem to be the easiest thing for me to think of, assuming you can conf postfix to connect via ssh to your local tor proxy (should be easy right?). Alternatively, if you want to do mixmaster, Cotse.net produces a cool front-end that you could install called Mixweb(http://www.cotse.net/privacytools.html). It is a cgi front-end for mixmatster for regular e-mail (and blogs if your software supports that) and usenet posts for those weirdos out there that still actually use it ;). I tried installing it on my SuSE 10 box and wasn't able to get it to work, but maybe you're better...


Jürgen Schinker wrote:
On Fri, March 3, 2006 21:17, Marco Gruss wrote:

Jürgen Schinker wrote:

how can i send my mail with postfix via tor to destination?
You'd have to socksify postfix with something like tsocks.

Running an exit node allowing access to port 25 would pretty
much be suicidal (spammers would LOVE this!) though, so there's a pretty
high probability that you won't get a connection.


hm but how can i anonymize my mail traffic?