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Suggestion to beat the bandwidth abuse

Sometimes the Torpark works like a heaven, with the only limit as 
my internet connection speed. Other times (regretably to often) 
it works like complete different. A couple of bytes in, half a 
minute wait, then one byte more, a minute of wait, then another 
three bytes... Have to close Torpark and restart it, sometimes 
several times in a row, before getting a decent speeded circuit. 

Probably that is caused by to many people sharing heavy files of 
warez, CD images and such. Therefore I suggest implementing some 
exit node file size detector, that cut of a stream after let´s 
say 500 MB, or already refuse the file in beginning if it detect 
it´s bigger than 500 MB. Maybe accomplished with an automatic 
message backwards from the exit node that tell the end user the 
file is exceeding the maximum allowed download size. 

That will probably defeat files of CD size (don´t know how much 
impact this have on the bandwith, depends on how commonly such 
files usually is) but still left very many possibilities for 
good downloads of smaller files, just cuts away the possible 
big abuse of giant files traveling across Tor for no reason 
of common sence, if that´s the case (you maybe know better)  
will not have any impact on standard surfing usage, not even 
heavy surfing usage with a lot of mp3´s and even movies and 
big program downloads. The smarter one´s hovewer going to 
split the big files if they absolutely want them traveling 
in Tor, but the rest of "garbage usage" without particular 
thoughts and specific missions, would get rid off. 

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