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Re: memory usage slowly rising

Josh <huber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Relevant information:
> - linux 2.4.x under user mode linux
> - guest has 64M of RAM allocated
> - guest has 64M of swap allocated
> - running tor vers (official debian package on sarge)

I just ended up restarting my tor process, but here is a graph of
the memory usage of the process over the past ~4 days:


Looks pretty leaky to me, especially with the Data/total numbers
diverging from the RSS.  Here's the new process:


These numbers are according to /proc/<pid>/status.

The small dips in the graph happened sometimes when I reloaded
the tor config, and sometimes seemingly at random.


PS:  I had to restrict my node's outgoing ports because my ISP
was getting complaints about "bot net" traffic coming from my tor
node.  In case this becomes a more serious problem in the future,
does anyone have any suggestions for a co-location host that is a
bit more tor-friendly?  I'm currently with servermatrix (the
planet), and while they're quite good, they don't seem to be too
understanding when it comes to tor.