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Re: debug.log

Sorry, I am running on Fedora Core 3, so I compiled the sorce as I didn't see a binary for that one.
I may have found the files. I have deleted the /var/log/message and /var/log/secret logs and the disk usages is back down to 37% like it normally is. I have also changed the torrc file to send logs to /dev/null to stop this from happening again.

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On 3/6/06, Peter Palfrader <peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Mon, 06 Mar 2006, Agent0013 wrote:

> Ok, so the problem hasn't gone away. I have commented out all of the lines
> in the torrc file for the logging thinking that would cause no logs to be
> created.

You didn't say which tor version/package you are using.  If you are
using the debian packages then the default is to log notices and above
to /var/log/tor/log.  They aren't very loud and get rotated regularly,
so they should not cause much trouble.

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