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Is there anything in particular I should check for in the log?

I'm logging to notices.log just to make sure tor keeps running.
This morning I noticed a few messages I don't recall seeing before
(I'm running on a Fedora Core [FC4] box).

  Mar 09 11:14:13.958 [warn] circuit_receive_relay_cell():
    Didn't recognize cell, but circ stops here! Closing circ.

  Mar 09 11:14:13.958 [warn] command_process_relay_cell():
    circuit_receive_relay_cell (forward) failed. Closing.

  Mar 10 04:59:23.815 [warn] rend_mid_introduce(): No intro circ found for
    INTRODUCE1 cell ([scrubbed]) from circuit 38380; responding with nack

  Mar 10 10:08:05.951 [warn] tor_tls_get_peer_cert_nickname():
    Peer certificate nickname 'localhost.localdoma' has illegal characters.

  Mar 10 10:08:05.951 [warn] tor_tls_get_peer_cert_nickname():
    (Maybe it is not really running Tor at its advertised OR port.)

  Mar 10 10:08:05.951 [warn] connection_tls_finish_handshake():
    Other side ( has a cert without a valid nickname. Closing.

Should I be concerned about any of these?