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RE: (FWD) Re: Update: Torbutton 1.0.1

Hey that's not a bad feature request!  A configurable start Tor option!  I
use the Tor/Privoxy bundle, so the button would need to start TorCP(which
starts Tor) and start Privoxy.  Others may want to just start Tor, or maybe
just TorCP, or an option to start both Tor and Privoxy, or all three. Put
the option in the configuration.  Then when the button is pressed, poof,
everything starts. Maybe an option to end Tor, Privoxy, TorCP when the
button is deactivated.  Talk about ultimate convenience.

As for the button being text only, it's perfect.  Simple and effective.
K.I.S.S(Keep It Simple Stupid) :) 

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[And here's another couple of good FAQ questions. -RD]

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On 3/18/06, Scott Squires <squires@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 18, 2006 at 03:20:03PM -0500, y0himba wrote:
> > Thank you!  I like this best out of all the proxy tools because it 
> > is simple and direct.  I hope you don't over burden it with a lot of 
> > options as it develops.
> I'm glad you like it.  I consider Torbutton to be feature-complete.
> Future releases will be limited to bugfixes, compatibility with future 
> firefox versions, and additional language translations.

Quick question....how the heck do I use it? All I see is enable and disable.
Does it automatically run its own tor client? How do I set up the client to
connect to?

Justin Patrin

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