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Re: Calling TorCP from an other program

Hello Steven,

Sounds like you are getting a demo message from compiler PE. Is that what you are using? If not, it may have been compiled that way, as the demo will randomly put that in. I would suggest instead to use Quick Batch File Compiler. That and your path must be incorrect, but if it is already compiled I can't tell you what the expected path is.


Sunday, March 19, 2006, 4:49:55 AM, you wrote:

> I am trying to do a very simple program that would load torCP on command.
> But I get this very strange problem when loading torcp threw my program (it
> does not happen when I double click on it).
> I get a message telling me that "system cannot find the path specified"
> Then I get as screen asking me to register a demo of Compiler PE.
> Does it mean we cannot call torCP from an other program or am I doing
> something wrong?
> Thanks for any help.
> Steven Meyer

Best regards,
 Arrakistor                            mailto:arrakistor@xxxxxxxxx