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Tor is out

This is the third release candidate for the 0.1.1.x series.

It fixes several major bugs for clients and servers. It also adds
a fourth authoritative directory server (finally).


Changes in version - 2006-03-28
  o Major fixes:
    - Clients and servers since have been expiring
      connections whenever they are idle for 5 minutes and they *do*
      have circuits on them. Oops. With this new version, clients will
      discard their previous entry guard choices and avoid choosing
      entry guards running these flawed versions.
    - Fix memory leak when uncompressing concatenated zlib streams. This
      was causing substantial leaks over time on Tor servers.
    - The v1 directory was including servers as much as 48 hours old,
      because that's how the new routerlist->routers works. Now only
      include them if they're 20 hours old or less.

  o Minor fixes:
    - Resume building on irix64, netbsd 2.0, etc.
    - On non-gcc compilers (e.g. solaris), use "-g -O" instead of
      "-Wall -g -O2".
    - Stop writing the "router.desc" file, ever. Nothing uses it anymore,
      and it is confusing some users.
    - Mirrors stop caching the v1 directory so often.
    - Make the max number of old descriptors that a cache will hold
      rise with the number of directory authorities, so we can scale.
    - Change our win32 uname() hack to be more forgiving about what
      win32 versions it thinks it's found.

  o New features:
    - Add lefkada.eecs.harvard.edu as a fourth authoritative directory
    - When the controller's *setconf commands fail, collect an error
      message in a string and hand it back to the controller.
    - Make the v2 dir's "Fast" flag based on relative capacity, just
      like "Stable" is based on median uptime. Name everything in the
      top 7/8 Fast, and only the top 1/2 gets to be a Guard.
    - Log server fingerprint on startup, so new server operators don't
      have to go hunting around their filesystem for it.
    - Return a robots.txt on our dirport to discourage google indexing.
    - Let the controller ask for GETINFO dir/status/foo so it can ask
      directly rather than connecting to the dir port. Only works when
      dirport is set for now.

  o New config options rather than constants in the code:
    - SocksTimeout: How long do we let a socks connection wait
      unattached before we fail it?
    - CircuitBuildTimeout: Cull non-open circuits that were born
      at least this many seconds ago.
    - CircuitIdleTimeout: Cull open clean circuits that were born
      at least this many seconds ago.