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RE: Tor Server install HELP

Is there some one who can assist me in installing server software to be a
server for Tor. I need some help, the directions on the Tor sight aren't
that great for someone like me who is not adept with Linux. Please contact
me so I can ask some questions to get going.  I'm thinking of using Google
Talk or a Windows messenger so as to do the setup and be able to ask
questions as they arise. Or if anyone knows someone in Bellingham, WA who is
a Linux pro, who could walk me through the setup.


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On 2006.03.28, at 20:11, Roger Dingledine wrote:

>     - Clients and servers since have been expiring
>       connections whenever they are idle for 5 minutes and they *do*
>       have circuits on them. Oops. With this new version, clients will
>       discard their previous entry guard choices and avoid choosing
>       entry guards running these flawed versions.

Since installing this morning (admittedly a small
sample), the network seems much slower. Is it safe to assume this is
because I have a smaller pool of entry nodes, and that the network
will get back up to speed as nodes upgrade?