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Re: exit node back to user

No. If you are using tor (for example) at your office, the office firewall can't see what you're doing, they just see encrypted data. However, if there is a tap _on_ _your_ _computer_ they can see what you're doing.
Ringo Kamens

On 3/4/07, halesnil <halesnil@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Geoffrey Goodell wrote:
> A subtle but important clarification: the term "entry node" refers to
> the first node in a circuit.  Your Tor client, which listens on
> localhost, is not an "entry node"; it is not one of the three Tor
> routers in the circuit.  However, your Tor client does represent the
> endpoint of the circuit, and the connection between your client and the
> first node in the circuit is encrypted.
     I meant like this:

                            My Computer-----------------*Local
Tap-*-------------------[first node]------    -------   -------Destination

I think you meant traffic going out from My Computer is encrypted, so
*Local Tap *can't read it. Right?
*Traffic coming back from Destination must pass through [first node],
*Local Tap*, before reaching My Computer. Please clarify, does *Local
Tap* see unencrpted traffic between [first node] and My Computer?