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Re: "router get by nickname" on request to dir server appears to be failing

On Sun, Mar 04, 2007 at 12:10:57PM -0800, Anon Mus wrote:
>   > I've noticed I even get routes (1st hop) to some of them, perhaps
> > thisis because router_get_by_nickname() fails.
> >
> > I believe keys can change, so I use nicknames because they always
> > seemto be there.
> > Identity keys don't change for a given server, unless the server admin
> deletes the old identity key and generates a new one.
> I noticed they were changing (but weirdly not their nickname).

What you are probably seeing is two servers with different identity
keys and the same nickname.  When you specify by nickname, sometimes
you'll get one, and sometimes you'll get the other.

> Maybe they are using vidalia's change id button(??).

That doesn't do that; server identity keys are constant.

Nick Mathewson

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