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Re: blog about tor and skype

I don't know how to force skype to use only tcp, but one way to know whether it is using tcp (therefore tor) is to look at the little flag before the place where you enter the phone number. When it is different from where I am, it is probably using  tor.

I'll check out zfone and probably switch if it is user-friendly. Many thanks to all, that was really helpful.

Enigma <Enigma@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that. Sly16, I read somewhere Skype is
just encrypting its own protocol but not the traffic itself. Not sure
whether it's true or not. In any case Skype users rely on a closed
source protocol so no one really knows if it's secure and what else it
may or may not do. I'm not saying it's insecure but if you want to be
certain your connections are encrypted you might want to consider
using other tools or techniques for voice communication that support
open source encryption. As for voice my first idea would be VOIP and
zfone. For text based communications (IRC or something) I'd rely on Tor.


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