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Re: Privoxy and Java

Dave Jevans <djevans@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Privoxy routes DNS through TOR.

Like most HTTP proxies, Privoxy doesn't route any DNS requests.

It either relies on the operating system to do the DNS resolution,
or in the case of socks4a connections, just passes the hostname
to the socks proxy.

Privoxy doesn't pass the resolved IP address to the client
(except for some error messages), and in the socks4a case
doesn't even know the address itself.

> Question: does Java in a browser run through the browser's IP stack? 

How many browsers come with their own IP stack?

> If so, its DNS packets would go through the SOCKS proxy and Privoxy, 
> then TOR.  Right?

If the Java application does it's own DNS lookups, it will most
likely bypass the browser. To use Privoxy for the DNS lookups
the Java application would have to tunnel DNS through HTTP,
and I doubt that that's commonly done. I wouldn't know, though,
as I don't use Java.

If the Java application only uses HTTP, there is a chance that
it honours the browser's proxy settings and doesn't cause
any DNS leaks, but that's not guaranteed.


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