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Compile error w/ on Kubuntu 6.10


Mr. Mathewson wrote
> Again, if any of these warnings actually trigger in
> the code, please let me know. 

While not an error specified in the message above I
did experience an error when I tried to compile on my
Edgy Eft: (I could send the log if you would like)

checking for libevent directory... configure: error:
Could not find a linkable libevent. You can specify an
explicit path using --with-libevent-dir

I found a few pages like the following but I couldn't
find know how to specify --with-libevent-dir:

I had the libevent1 package "libevent1_1a-1_i386.deb"
installed before I tried to compile Tor.

Am I missing something simple?


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