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Tor is out

This is the fourth release candidate for the 0.1.2.x series. We fixed
an important bug that could send your Tor server into an infinite loop.
(The release also appeared, but was quickly replaced by :)

This is a release candidate! That means that we don't know of any
remaining show-stopping bugs, and this will become the new stable if
there are no problems. Please test it, and tell us about any problems
that you find.


Changes in version - 2007-03-16
  o Major bugfixes:
    - Fix an infinite loop introduced in when we serve
      directory information requested inside Tor connections (i.e. via
      begin_dir cells). It only triggered when the same connection was
      serving other data at the same time. Reported by seeess.

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - When creating a circuit via the controller, send a 'launched'
      event when we're done, so we follow the spec better.

Changes in version - 2007-03-15
  o Minor bugfixes (controller), reported by daejees:
    - Correct the control spec to match how the code actually responds
      to 'getinfo addr-mappings/*'.
    - The control spec described a GUARDS event, but the code
      implemented a GUARD event. Standardize on GUARD, but let people
      ask for GUARDS too.

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