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Ultimate solution


why spend hundreds and thousands of hours of coding?

Is there a browser that doesn't support javascript, java, flash,
quicktime, etc but only pictures so one can read html text and pictures
and can read a normal newspaper? If there is such a browser why not
force Tor users to use it? Make Tor only work with that browser.

If Tor wants to be an anonymous communication tool it should come in an
entire package. If Tor wants to be successful it MUST come in  complete
90% of the users use it to surf anonymously, the rest use ftp, chat or

How about instead of telling a user to:

install tor and vidalia
activate tor
install the tor button
intstall the noscript
install flashblock
configure noscript
deactivate flash, etc
install cookie culler 
turn off the referer header in the browser

have them just install the "package for free communication".
That way there is no way they can forget to turn anything off or on.
That way every person that uses the "Tor package for free communication"
can benefit from the expertise of the people that release the package.
All the "hacks" that are published are not against Tor but against the
users "communication package" that the users put together himself. Why
not help/force internet noobs to be safe.

I know it is called the Tor project but why not extend it to a real
communication package. Vidalia was as good start. Now one step further!!

Is there a free open source browser that could be shipped with the Tor
package that is fully configured for anonymous surfing and fine tuned to
be most anonymous, set so that it can be only used through Tor? It
should be modified so that a noob can not change the settins by

I am not a programmer but this is what must happen. If Tor is only
supposed to be for technical experts and people that hang out in
security forums every day then we should continue as is but if Tor is
supposed to be for the masses(more people more distributed trust) then
there must be a bundle. A package with everything set up for anonymous
browsing where some internet newbie can not possibly reveal his IP by
misconfiguration. The user clicks the setup program Tor installs, the
Tor browser opens, ready to go. No way the surfer can use that browser
without Tor.

Such a software package would make Moore's publications completely

I wish I could help implement this but I am not a programmer.

But this is the only way for Tor to succeed. A software bundle including
perfectly configured browser, every user must be a server, and there
must be a button with which people can choose to be an exit or not.
Right now it is way to difficult. If grandma and grandpa are capable of
choosing to be a server or exit nodes then Tor will become extremely
popular and successful. But everybody must be a router(like I2P). There
is no other way. Taking the client user base and making it a router base
would solve many problems and the possible combinations of paths (n-k-1
over k) would be so huge that an attack where the adversay controls all
routers in the path would be almost impossible.

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