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Re: GPG Preferences

On Thu, Mar 29, 2007 at 12:23:50AM -0400, Jason Edwards wrote:

> I use GPGPreference to tweak Mac GNU Privacy Guard. Under the Key Server 
> tab there is a text box which says:
> Use the following HTTP proxy to access the key server

> I took a guess and filled in and when I search 
> for keys it seems to work. Did I configure this correctly? Is that 
> program even meant to be used with Tor?

If GPGPreference only accesses keyservers over HTTP (some keyservers can
be accessed over other protocols), and it's honouring your request to
use Privoxy as an HTTP proxy, then it's configured correctly. It might
be worth configuring firewall software not to allow GPGPreference to
acccess external network connections, and see whether it still works.

The point of Tor is that you can use programs that aren't "meant" to be
used with Tor, to access networks that aren't "meant" to be used with
Tor. If it's important to you that your ISP (for example) can't see that
you're accessing a GPG keyserver over HTTP, or that the keyserver can't
see who's accessing them, then that's great. Or if you want to generate
"innocent" Tor traffic so it reduces the value of any particular Tor
connection for a hypothetical adversary, of course.

Dave Page <grimoire@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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