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Re: Please add to "download" section of homepage


1) This could potentially break some websites that rely on ref link.
I've let users decide by putting in an extension that allows them to
play with this.

2) Why?

3) Torpark users can already set what they want their useragent to be, via
an extension.


> Hi,

> could you please add the following info to the download section of the
> homepage (you really want tor to work)?

> 1) firefox users please disable the "send referer information" and set
> it to 0 in about:config

> network.http.sendRefererHeader

> 2) remove all languages under advanced the "language preferences" menu
> in firefox
> 3) spoof the firefox user agent to be the "english version":

> general.useragent.locale = en

> English is used worlwide and doesn't reveal a user who is using an
> uncommon language.
> -- 
>   JT
>   toruser@xxxxxxxxxxx