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Re: I am at my wits end, I cant register for account at digg.com using tor

     On Thu, 6 Mar 2008 13:50:56 -0700 defcon <defconoii@xxxxxxxxx>

>Yes fortunately not all libraries log although if they are funded by
>state and federal governments they most likely allow these
>state/federal governments log into their systems, also many public
>libraries are not very secure that I have been to and could easily be
>backdoored on the library network itself or simply logged through the
>libraries gateway.  As for the nsa logging networks, I have seen most
>networks affiliated with the nsa according to cryptome but are they a
>very reputable resource for information like this?  The only network I
>feel safe with is qwest communications, they have actively refused to
>give logs and access to their network to the feds.  But the gateways
>exiting their networks like at&t are surely logged as well as verizon,
>covad and a few other usa networks.  The use for tor is mandatory to
>feel safer with a great possibility of these issues.

     FWIW, the American Library Association has a web site at www.ala.org.
Its privacy policy is at www.ala.org/home/privacystatement.htm, and there
is also a link to some ALA political action pages at www.capwiz.com/ala/home,
which includes links on the topics of National Security Letter oversight
legislation and anti-national ID legislation, as well as other interesting

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