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Re: xB Browser pre

I haven't seen anything back from you yet, so I'll just pre-empt
some things you may want to know about the upcoming release.

Currently XeroBank is officially scheduled to release their
personal privacy services at the end of March. For personal
services, we are going to offer VPN access into our
high-speed network. There are no third parties allowed to
participate in our network, so there is no easy opportunity
for adversaries to sniff our exit node traffic.

We will also be offering anonymous IMAP mail service, so you
can set up a single email address on all your computers, PDA,
iPhone, or whatever device, and the email will all be same
mail box, stored encrypted on our servers.

The next month, everyone will get free encrypted offshore
storage access with their account.

Later in the year, we will be introducing more services for
you to access with your XeroBank account.

The way it works is like this:

You get a monthly balance of x GB / month. You can spend that
balance with VPN, email, storage, or any of our services, in
any amount you like. If you just want to store your files on
our network, that's fine. Just want anonymous email? No problem.
Want to set up not only your home computer on our VPN, but also
your notebook, and to protect your parents or give access to
your lawyer? Go right ahead. Want to do all three at the same
time? We're happy to help. You can have virtually unlimited
connections to our network that simply debit your bandwidth

We will include ready to use OVPN software to anonymize your
entire computer traffic. Additionally, you will be able to
select your exit node country of choice, right from the GUI. I
believe the first set of countries to be available for exit are
USA, Canada, Switzerland, Netherlands, Germany, and Jamaica. We
have been building nice entry nodes. Just yesterday we opened up
a 16 core Xeon, with 16GB ram, and Gigabit uplink.
Because we are using a relay network, meaning that the country
you enter our network from is never the same as the node you exit
from, that P2P users can't use UPNP. So additionally we are adding
a setting in addition to the country selection, for P2P users,
that DOES use UPNP on an unmetered server. So bandwidth hogs can
select our P2P setting and download torrents quickly, and as much
as they like. I think the P2P node is going to be in Sweden.

To go indepth a little more, you get 2 plastic XeroBank cards
that use our VAULTS system. The first card is your Deposit card
and that has your identity/payment information on it. That is
how you get funds into your account or deposit them automatically.
The second card is the Access card, which is how you access your
services It looks just like a credit card, with embossed numbers
and all. You simply type in your Access card number into any of our
software and it automatically downloads your access credentials for
the network. The reason we use two cards is because the Access card
separates your traffic from the identity of the account, meaning you
are anonymous to us or anyone who asks us. We don't know which
Deposit card is linked to which Access card, thanks to VAULTS.
Additionally by having cards, you don't have to carry a USB stick
around. Just keep your xerobank card in your wallet, and
download/install your XeroBank VPN software to the host computer.
Of course, we've also made our software portable so you could carry
it with you if you like, preconfigured to your account. In the event
of loss or theft of your access card, your account won't be
compromised, neither will your identity. The worst is that you lose
your bandwidth for that month.

You may also be pleased to know we have a new version of xB Machine
coming out sometime this month. It will be bootable/liveCD, and no
longer require VMWare. It is the most advanced anonymous pre-buit
operating system ever designed, and hooks right up to XeroBank or
Tor. Kyle Williams has joined our development team to help build
this new tighter, faster, more featured version, which will also
include a torrent client and easy sharing services for moving
downloaded files out of the VM.

As for the windows software developments, xB is about to release
a software suite installer that incorporates xB Browser, xB VPN,
and xB Mail. From the installer, just input your Access card number
and it will handle the rest of the configuration for you. This will
also be the first official unveiling of xB Mail, the anonymous email
client with built-in GPG functionality, and GPG signature verified

And this is just for personal services. In the next few months we
will be releasing our corporate and government level services.

Oh, did I mention we will be giving away 30-day free trials?

Get excited,
Steve Topletz