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Re: Tor on the OLPC: Working as a server!

Wilfred L. Guerin wrote:
> confirmed dec 2007 unit with Jan (*91) update with the following errors:
> also need to configure for school server and tunneling, the olpcs are
> excessively vulnerable and should use tor to offoad school networks
> rather than risk mim isps. Also the MESH capability needs to be
> optimized, the dual head radios are not used correctly with the
> offloading chip and may not need to buffer content through cpu, just
> headers.

Can you explain that? What school server? Can you walk through what
you've done?

> su * disallowed in new terminal (null pw doesn't work) but in the
> graphical term the new icon top right is "Become root"

Good to know.

> rest of sequence is fine,
> mkdir not needed, rpm succeed, not using fwall, please confirm
> "StickFigure" operational

StickFigure operational? What do you mean by this?

> appears tor blocked by 802.11 ap .. advise

Tor blocked how? You're able to install Tor but you're unable to make
circuits? You're behind a NAT and only being a client works?

Jacob Appelbaum