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Re: Excluding domains

Thank you John!

I do not use Privoxy because it crashes all the time on an x64 System instead of it I use CCProxy which supports my needs very well and I think I have to write to the creators of CCProxy for a solution.

Or is it possible to exclude some domains / domain endings in the Torrc file?

Thank you, Lanthanaël

John Kimble schrieb:
On Sat, Mar 15, 2008 at 2:13 AM, Lanthanaël <lanthanael@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I want to know more about that stuff to exclude domains from the TOR
circuits, but I'm an ole SeaMonkey user and FoxyProxy is only for
Firefox, are there other Plugins which work with SeaMonkey too? Because
I wasn't able to finde stuff on the net how to exclude domains from the
onion routing.

Any help will be appreciated, Lanthanaël

The Tor bundle comes with Privoxy, which provides the fine-grained
control you need.

As a quick minimalist example (not recommended for real-life usage as
it makes no use of the privacy-related features that Privoxy offers),
the following configuration parameters lets you use Privoxy with Tor:

confdir .
logdir .
forward-socks4a / .

If you want to forward everything through Tor, except requests going
to any hostname under example.com, you would have this instead:

confdir .
logdir .
forward-socks4a / .
forward .example.com .

For details, refer to the Privoxy manual: