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Re: Another MapAddress option

On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 05:18:51PM -0400, lg2005@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I noticed that when I use MapAddress for one domain in the TOR
> config, all requests that are done in the same time to other domains
> also use the special circuit with "exitnode" at the end.

>  Is it normal? Is there a way so that the special circuit will be
> used ONLY to connect to the site specified in MapAddress?

When Tor needs to build a new path for a stream, it checks whether it
already has a circuit open that will work for that stream.  If there
is already a clean open circuit that could be used, Tor uses that.

It might be neat to add some way to indicate that some addresses or
domains shouldn't share circuits with others.  If anybody wants to
work on this (maybe as part of a gsoc project), that would be pretty neat.