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Re: google

>      What happens when, instead of specifying google.com (I never do this;
> instead I specify google.us) and instead specify one of their servers in a
> specific country where another language is spoken?

Did not try. On the other hand, google.com has ... how to say?, *restarted* to
work via tor (or I have been redirected to a different, francophone google,
will check the logs) thankfully.

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This is the standard google, from Indonesia (without tor).

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I am multilingual to begin with. I use to visit google for an instant, even if
I don't need any services from it, just to see the IP of which country I have
inherited. (By the way, I typically get google in German.)

> Using this method, does it make a difference whether the language of your
> request matches the language of the server's country?

The main difference is ... should be, that the items are matched against
a given language with priority, which means that the sought entries may
be behind a lot in the list, eventually, and depending from the searching
criterii. (Examples: ada = VERY common verb in bahasa Indonesia.)

Another difference could be: selective censure. A third difference might be:
it becomes a bit harder for an expert program to guess/identify who is using
google. And the like, and so on.


/Roy Lanek
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