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Re: google

> https://ssl.scroogle.org/ 
> is your friend.

Thank you, link noted. Actually I am not worried on google per se [I do
not--qualitatively speaking--trust google.com much than a given percent
anyway] ... ironically, I virtually never have made a search on google via
tor, neither I am planning to do so [but never say never].

More anxious makes me the potential of a *family of expedients* that could be
used tomorrow in general. Let's say, tor blocked like Ovaltine, Sprite, San
Pellegrino or the scissors at the airports today.

Example: [I could use more contemporary *illustrations*, but I am not
interested in starting a flame-bait] the Gestapo always *tested* the
population of the occupied countries during WW-2 [if they could do something
without the need to deploy a battalion, they tried that first] and acted
accordingly; if they wanted some people, but could not *take* them under given
circumstances illico et immediate, they re-tried a second or a third time,
maybe late in the night, the same day, or after one week, on the same place or
in another one.

Still another analogy is: boiling the Bullfrog. (Every router's administrator
could assert something similar google.com is telling ... depending from the

SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS         bagai telur diujung tanduk
SSSSS . s l a c k w a r e  SSSSSS       as an egg on the tip of a horn
SSSSS +------------ linux  SSSSSS  [very critical situation, as the egg will
SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS           soon tip-over and fall]