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Re: A couple of annoying bugs in the latest RC

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I'm also using the alphas, btw. As I said, this isn't critical, but it
is annoying as hell, and should be fixed when convenient. Not doing so
might drive away some new users who might assume the program is broken
or something.


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F. Fox wrote:
> Andrew Del Vecchio wrote:
>> Has anyone else noticed the following bugs, specifically on Ubuntu 7.10?
>> A) When upgrading/installing/removing packages using apt, Tor tries to
>> initiate itself for no apparent reason, which results in a non-fatal but
>> very annoying error from apt that wastes buffer space, or requires
>> clicking a button if you're in X using Synaptec.
> (snip)
> I've noticed something like that on Debian Etch (set to get the
> development branch packages); it was so minor, though, that I just
> ignored it (using aptitude).
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