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OnionCat News

OnionCat (http://www.cypherpunk.at/onioncat/) is getting more stable and we 
successfully ported it to several OSes, most notably WindowsXP. Unfortunately 
we still lag behind with documentation but we have tasks to enhance this 
Currently it seems to run stable on and was explicitly ported to

(*) Windows XP (Cygwin)
(*) Linux
(*) OpenBSD
(*) FreeBSD
(*) MacOSX

For Windows we are working on an installation package, for installation from 
source have a look at http://www.cypherpunk.at/.
Ubuntu package is ready (http://www.cypherpunk.at/onioncat/wiki/Download), 
Debian package is under construction. The debuild sources already exists 
within the svn tree.
OnionCat is checked in into OpenBSD ports tree -- unfortunately exactly that 
revision segfaults but an update will follow after release of OpenBSD 4.5.
On FreeBSD it will be checked in soon and also a MacOSX package will follow.
The Solaris port is already under construction.

Additional development is undertaken to build a special adapter (Socks5) for 
I2P. This will make OC run with Tor and I2P.

For further information have a look at http://www.cypherpunk.at/onioncat/ . 
Don't hesitate to contact me personally or register to our mailinglist 
ocat-talk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (ocat-talk-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx).

Best regards,

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