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Tor is out

Tor includes another big pile of minor bugfixes and
cleanups. We're finally getting close to a release candidate.


Changes in version - 2009-03-09
  o Major bugfixes:
    - Correctly update the list of which countries we exclude as
      exits, when the GeoIP file is loaded or reloaded. Diagnosed by
      lark. Bugfix on

  o Minor bugfixes (on 0.2.0.x and earlier):
    - Automatically detect MacOSX versions earlier than 10.4.0, and
      disable kqueue from inside Tor when running with these versions.
      We previously did this from the startup script, but that was no
      help to people who didn't use the startup script. Resolves bug 863.
    - When we had picked an exit node for a connection, but marked it as
      "optional", and it turned out we had no onion key for the exit,
      stop wanting that exit and try again. This situation may not
      be possible now, but will probably become feasible with proposal
      158. Spotted by rovv. Fixes another case of bug 752.
    - Clients no longer cache certificates for authorities they do not
      recognize. Bugfix on
    - When we can't transmit a DNS request due to a network error, retry
      it after a while, and eventually transmit a failing response to
      the RESOLVED cell. Bugfix on
    - If the controller claimed responsibility for a stream, but that
      stream never finished making its connection, it would live
      forever in circuit_wait state. Now we close it after SocksTimeout
      seconds. Bugfix on; reported by Mike Perry.
    - Drop begin cells to a hidden service if they come from the middle
      of a circuit. Patch from lark.
    - When we erroneously receive two EXTEND cells for the same circuit
      ID on the same connection, drop the second. Patch from lark.
    - Fix a crash that occurs on exit nodes when a nameserver request
      timed out. Bugfix on; our CLEAR debugging code had
      been suppressing the bug since Partial fix for
      bug 929.
    - Do not assume that a stack-allocated character array will be
      64-bit aligned on platforms that demand that uint64_t access is
      aligned. Possible fix for bug 604.
    - Parse dates and IPv4 addresses in a locale- and libc-independent
      manner, to avoid platform-dependent behavior on malformed input.
    - Build correctly when configured to build outside the main source
      path. Patch from Michael Gold.
    - We were already rejecting relay begin cells with destination port
      of 0. Now also reject extend cells with destination port or address
      of 0. Suggested by lark.

  o Minor bugfixes (on 0.2.1.x):
    - Don't re-extend introduction circuits if we ran out of RELAY_EARLY
      cells. Bugfix on Fixes more of bug 878.
    - If we're an exit node, scrub the IP address to which we are exiting
      in the logs. Bugfix on

  o Minor features:
    - On Linux, use the prctl call to re-enable core dumps when the user
      is option is set.
    - New controller event NEWCONSENSUS that lists the networkstatus
      lines for every recommended relay. Now controllers like Torflow
      can keep up-to-date on which relays they should be using.
    - Update to the "February 26 2009" ip-to-country file.

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