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Re: more on the Comcast 250 GB/mo. problem

	Oh, don't be deluded into thinking they give a rats-ass about
"Business Customers" either - I used to have a business account from
TWC because I telecommuted and needed multiple static IPs and no
restrictions on the line....in the early days they were responsive to
problems/issues, but near the end (IE, after they had pillaged enough
out of me), they were less than helpful.  I had an outage at 2pm on a
Friday once (I watched a back-hoe do the dirty deed next door), I
called them and told them exactly what the problem was only to be told
the earliest they could roll a truck would be Monday afternoon....I
tried explaining that this was a business account (hell, I was calling
their business support line) but that didn't matter.  I was back
on-line 20 minutes later when I ran a patch piece of RG-6 across the
break from one pedestal to another....needless to say, the technicians
were NOT amused when they arrived 72 hours later to deal with my
trouble ticket, but I told them where they could go stuff their
service.  Sorry about ranting, I just didn't want anyone to get the
wrong idea that TWC Business would be a solution to running Tor if you
have problems with regular TWC.


On Fri, 13 Mar 2009, Matthew McCabe wrote:
|> Incidentally, Time Warner Cable's security department made it very clear 
|> that they did not want to have me as a customer.  I explained to them 
|> that I paid extra for increased bandwidth which I intended to use.  The 
|> security representative said that I was not a business customer (i.e. 
|> paying 2-3 times as much for the same connection) and thus they would 
|> not tolerate any more complaints.  He did not mention any complaints 
|> about bandwidth...  But it is clear that Time Warner Cable does not care 
|> about you as a customer unless you are a business customer.  Only then 
|> will they give you a chance to explain why you have received unjustified 
|> and unproven complaints. </rant>