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Re: Tor grassroots advocacy

On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 03:36:24PM -0500, mateo07@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote 0.9K bytes in 18 lines about:
> I gave a talk to a small group of people on Saturday at BarCampAustin:  
> http://www.barcamp.org/BarCampAustin4  I have also given this talk in  
> two of my graduate classes at St. Edward's University.  These kinds of  
> informal talks are a great way to educate others about Internet  

Awesome and thanks!

> If anyone is interested, I will e-mail you a copy of my "Introduction to  
> Tor" presentation.  I may also create a Google presentation and share it  
> with the world if there is enough interest...

I know others would like this.  Having the basis of a presentation helps
others to give a talk.