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Re: Consensus drops node

Yes, I've seen this too.  The node "JanusPAv2" just dropped out of the mix about 7 days ago.
I wasn't too concerned since I was testing the max through put of a embedded device.

I though it was probably something I did when I was half-awake, but now I'm starting to question it a bit more...hrm..
Last I saw my node, it had a Guard and Fast status.  Then one morning, it was gone and no traffic was passing through.

On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 2:51 PM, Hans Schnehl <torvallenator@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi all,

six hours ago the node 'vallenator's performance  began to decrease gradually
from around 18 mbit/s to at present about 1 mbit/s.

The node was running rather stable at it's upper level (see above) with an uptime
of now 32 days.

I did not do anything on this running machine, so I initially suspected my hoster
to intercept or interfere, not necessarily with a motivation against Tor, but
maybe for more or less genious technical reasons. But they did not do so.

What happened is, the node was actually 'forgotte'n, or dropped out of consensus
by the authoritive routers, it still is as of now. Since I do not have logging
enabled I am unable to search or provide logs with possible traces of what was
Anybody else experiencing this?

I'll keep the node running 'as is' and watch for any changes to occur within the
next hours but probably I'll take the chance to rebuild a few things on that
machine if if there is no change.

Any ideas about this ?