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Full bandwidth is not used.

Dear Tor folks,

my Tor server is running for over three days now, but the average
bandwidth usage shown by ARM [1] is only 100 KB/s for uploaded and
downloaded. The usage increased during the first two days but has
stagnated now.

I am using the default `/etc/tor/torrc` so bandwidth should be limited
by 5 MB/s by default, which is also show by ARM.

        Bandwidth (cap: 5 MB, burst: 10 MB):

I am only seeing the following warnings.

        xx:xx:xx [WARN] Rejected invalid g^x
        xx:xx:xx [WARN] Rejecting insecure DH key [0]
        xx:xx:xx [WARN] DH key must be at least 2.

Testing the bandwidth by for example downloading a big file shows that
higher bandwidth is available.

OR Port: 443
Dir Port: 80

Could you please help me how I can find out, what is limiting Tor to use
the full available bandwidth.



[1] http://www.atagar.com/arm/

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