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Linux (32-bit) TBB -- seeking testers

Hi everyone,

I've been working on making a Linux Tor Browser Bundle and I need some
testers with 32-bit Linux systems. This is extremely alpha -- do not
expect it to work perfectly and don't depend on it for privacy (unless
you happen to be running Debian unstable, like me, where it seems to
work flawlessly every time). 

Pre-requisites: you need to at least be able to run Firefox already and
you need to shutdown Tor, Polipo/Privoxy, and Vidalia. Existing
Firefoxes/Iceweasels do not need to be shutdown.

It can be found here:

If it doesn't work for you, please do the following:
- Tell me your Linux distribution
- Send me any relevant shell output
- Run ./start-tor-browser --debug and send me the vidalia-debug-log
- From within the TBB directory, run: 'strace -f -e open -o ff-opens.log
  ./App/Firefox/firefox -no-remote -profile ./Data/profile' and send me the output

Known issues
- If it doesn't launch Firefox the first time, try closing everything
  and re-launching. 
- It might complain about not being able to find the display if you
  launch from shell
- System xulrunner via /etc/gre.d/*.conf hijacks Firefox
- It runs, but torbutton doesn't appear to work (in my VM, 11.2). Preliminary
  testing indicates that it runs on 11.0

- It makes SELinux pretty unhappy

- If you get a libxml2 error about gzopen64 in the debug log, please
  check your system for an old zlib:

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