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Re: [RFC] Campaign »Buy/Sponsor a relay.«

On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 11:30:27PM -0600, bennett@xxxxxxxxxx wrote 4.3K bytes in 78 lines about:
:      The "everyone as a relay" thing has been discussed here in the past
: ad nauseam and has ended up opposed every time for very good reasons.  The
: "everyone as a bridge" idea ought to fail for the same reasons, but would
: have the additional complication of requiring that tor *not* run as a bridge
: if it is already running as a relay with a published descriptor.

The difference is we're not looking to do it automatically without
asking.  Prompting the user "you appear reachable, would you like to
help censored users around the world? y/n?" is a first step.  Steven or
Roger can talk more about this in detail.

:      In the U.S., at least, that effort would be furthered, I think, by
: a publicity campaign identifying ISPs that provide *full* Internet access
: to residential accounts, as opposed to ISPs that provide only *partial*
: Internet access to residential accounts (e.g., Comcast).  That would help
: to provide a marketing advantage to ISPs offering full service over ISPs
: that don't.  It might also be worthwhile to start a complaint-to-the-FCC
: campaign to report misleading advertising by ISPs that offer only partial
: access but market it as "Internet access" as if it were full access.

This is a fine page to start on the wiki. However, most users in the US
don't have more than one or two options for broadband.  Hopefully one of
the two options will be more "full access" than the other.

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