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Re: All routers are down or won't exit -- choosing a doomed exit at random.

2010/3/13 Roger Dingledine <arma@xxxxxxx>:
> Sounds like you have some application configured to use localhost:8118 as
> an http proxy, and that application is trying to launch lots of requests,
> many of which are to ports that Tor's default exit policy doesn't allow.
> In the past, people with this problem have found that they have a
> bittorrent client configured to use Tor that they forgot about.
> --Roger

Thank you so much! that really was it! but you will never believe
which application caused this! it was the opera browser! without your
help i would have never figured this out.
i still dont understand why opera would suddenly start to hammer tor
like this. i know that opera has a built-in bittorrent client, but
that has never caused any problems until recently.
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