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verifying signatures

Hi. Whew!
Well I did find Vidalia in my home Library.
These are the three files there:

They are all plain text files. The torrc file has zero kb, nothing in/on it.
The geoip-cache list is not something I am familiar with nor understand
The vidalia.conf file has sections about General, BandwidthGraph, ConfigDialog, MainWindow, MessageLog, NetViewer, and Tor.

So, if I am to edit my torrc file or try and avoid these naughty exit nodes, how do I do that? Am I supposed to type something into the torrc file that Vidalia uses to command that?

In earlier versions of Tor for Mac OS X (I'm on 10.5.2 ppc), I could normally find Privoxy, Tor and Vidalia all in my home Library with their own folders/files but now I only have the Vidalia folder and these three I mentioned.

I still cannot locate an .asc file to check any signatures with.

Still need help. I tried different searches with ~/ .vidalia/torrc but it is always "unfound".

Unfortunately, the help I get feels more like "you have to do this" but not how to do it. Sorry for that.
I don't like this 'cause it makes me feel like the person who kept writing in to Or-talk, consistently telling you all to "unsubscribe me, NOW!" I got a laugh out of that and I did just now too.

That wasn't me, but now I feel like whom ever that was, and lemme tell 'ya, it ain't feeling good. :) LOL

So, bear with me please. Thanks  (unsubscribe me now or else LOL, LOL, LOL.