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verifying signatures

Hello again.

Don't mean to beat a dead horse but I still am lost. My latest version of Tor (for Mac ppc) is the latest and I noticed that in the Vidalia settings window, there are many words, Vidalia being one of them, that are missing letters, as so, ...dalia
or ..lipo   or ...oxy. In some cases, part of a letter is visible with part missing or cut off.

This is prevalent throughout the window and why I need and want to learn how  to verify the signatures for my downloads.

In Mac, Vidalia is located in the home directory with three files. None of the three have anything remotely close to a file named   .asc.... the one used to verify with.

So, where is it? I tried a search with this:  ~/.tor/  and got more files, but none have an .asc name.

So, at the risk perhaps, of some or many of you, becoming frustrated with my consistent questioning on this subject, I need some real clear, easy to follow Steps to learn how to verify signatures. What may be so perfectly clear to you all may be then overlooked by you as what I might need to understand this or just how lame I am. There is no one in this part of the world, other than I, trying to use Tor and get the word to others to try it. (that I know of) I emailed the person who first mentioned it in their newspaper column in 2004 or 2005 but they have not responded.

If I knew more, maybe I could talk more into trying it out because I would be able to help them set it up, run it and go from there. I know this is trivial to you all. Sorry for that, really, but I don't know where else to seek the answer for this.