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Strange problem

I'm not sure if this belongs here and if anyone feels it doesn't then just let me know, but I have something interesting, at least to me. and my searching has led to this:
I know that Google is somehow involved with Tor though I don't understand it much at all. Just that it can show up in different languages when on the web.

I use my Mac, OS 10.5.2ppc, only for Hidden Services/Onion Forum, but I only used it for the regular spider's web in the past. About 2-3 years ago.

However, in my haste I have neglected a few times  lately, within the last 12 months, to toggle Torbutton on before connecting Vidalia.
What I noticed one day is that some new volume was in my System Preferences called "MacFUSE" and I searched to try and find out how it got there!

I just recently found this, quote "Google provides MacFUSE (File System in User Space) that provides this ability via a secure (SSH) connection, and it's fairly easy to do. Basically, with MacFUSE installed, it's like having the remote computer's hard drive mounted on your desktop..."

This doesn't sound good to me at all. It is supposedly for my working remotely but since I don't use it, then I would have to assume someone else remotely uses it on my Mac and also put it there. Is this possible?

I also found this:
MacFuse is a software that extends the file system support that is built into the Mac OS X kernel by acting as a bridge between the operating system and non-native file systems. MacFUSE understands all the access methods and rules for working with a particular file system and then presents that information so that it looks like and works like a regular volume in OS X.

It says, "This is very necessary for the smooth functioning of your Virtual Machine." Well, I don't have nor have I built a virtual machine.

Again, if any think this inappropriate here I will drop it and my apologies. I use my Mac only for Tor and nothing else as far as any internet surfing. I use Windows, the IM Browser Bundle on a USB for thtat and many times can only go to an internet cafe where I live because the internet here is still tin cans and string.

I guess I'm wondering if this is a compromise to Tor in any way since it is on my system and has anyone else run into something like this?

Thanks in advance and Regards