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[tor-talk] Strange behaviour from Gmail's IP to location service.

In Gmail, one can go to the bottom of the inbox, select details, and see account activity such as IPs that are logged in and IPs that were recently logged in.  Gmail often - but not always - attempts to connect the IP to a location like, for example, www.ip2location.com.

However, while www.ip2location provides the same location information as from http://torstatus.blutmagie.de/, Gmail often provides rather strange location data. when using certain USA exit nodes.

For example:

Freeside ( - New York) identified by Gmail as United States (CA) (

Ennui ( - San Francisco) identified by Gmail as United States (WA) (

Virek ( - New York)
identified by Gmail as United States (CA) (

Fejk2 ( - Nevada)
identified by Gmail as China (

If you select some USA exit nodes from http://torstatus.blutmagie.de/ and check with Gmail you will find other examples. 

Not all exit nodes are inaccurate but the majority are.

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