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[tor-talk] Torservers.net receives $10,000 grant from Access Now


Onions Against Dictators - Torservers.net supports democracy movements
by providing uncensorable gateway to free Internet; receives $10,000
grant from Access Now

Uncensored access to the Internet can overthrow dictators and aid the
creation of free societies. This has been shown by recent events in
North Africa and the Middle East. Whether in Tunisia, Egypt or Libya -
the revolution is inseparably linked to free communication and
unhindered access to independent news and media.
Till today the Torservers.net project has been graciously financed by
private donations from supporters. Now, founder Moritz Bartl and his
team have partnered with Access Now. Torservers.net has received a
$10,000 US Dollars grant from Access Now that allows for a major
capacity upgrade as an immediate tech response to support freedom
movements all around the globe. This makes Torservers.net the largest
operator on the Tor network.

Tor â The Gateway to Freedom

With the free software Tor, Internet traffic is securely passed through
relay stations to prevent censorship and surveillance
(www.torproject.org). The bandwidth and computers used are mostly
provided by volunteers, many using their home PCs. Every day more than
200,000 people use Tor, including human rights activists, government
officials, police investigators, journalists, non-profits and private
individuals. Torservers.net helps the network grow, by making additional
resources available to those in need of protecting their personal
freedom and privacy online. These resources greatly improve the overall
speed and availability of the Tor network.

Foundation of Zwiebelfreunde e.V. ("Friends of the Onion")

Zwiebelfreunde is a non-profit association that manages the successful
Torservers.net platform. In addition, the organisation acts as a user
group mediator for security and tech professionals. It organises various
meetings and workshops within Germany and around  Europe together with
international partners such as German Whistleblower-Netzwerk e.V., Open
Data e.V., the Swedish activist group Telecomix, Privacy International,
the Belgian Pirate Party and others to "ensure that Internet censorship
has no chance".


Moritz Bartl

DID Dresdner Institut fÃr Datenschutz
Koenigstrasse 9
01097 Dresden

Tel.: +49-(0)176 / 96 373 484
Fax.: +49-(0)911 / 308 4466 748

Torservers.net is a global initiative of security and tech professionals
that manage high bandwidth Tor relays and publish information about
censorship circumvention and media surveillance. It works closely with
related organizations such as "The Tor Project", the developers and
researchers behind the Tor software.
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