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Re: [tor-talk] Facebook Blocking Tor

Marco Predicatori wrote:
Jim, on 03/15/2011 10:31 AM, wrote:

This could just be a case of somebody having used Tor to do
something "abusive" or, considering the curiously worded message,
maybe it is something else.  The message I got when I tried to
access a Facebook page follows:

"You are trying to access Facebook from an IP (Internet
Protocol) address that has been associated with a misconfigured
ISP (Internet Service Provider), abusive behavior, or is
otherwise not able to access Facebook. You may request to have
this block lifted from Facebook by contacting us below."

I think it's something related to the exit node you were using. I've
just tried to access FB through TOR, and it worked.

Indeed.  It worked fine just now.



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